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What Is LeadFlow?

In order for any business to truly be the best in their industry, they better know nothing about what a marketing funnel is, what lead nurturing is, and have no clue what Adwords is and really focus on their craft. They need to partner with a Marketing Agency that can help them crush it! The truth is Digital Marketing Agencies are not just “Nice to have”. They are a necessity. They are the most important part of the business’s Marketing Strategy. Combine an SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy with LeadFlow and you now have the most important part of your Marketing Strategy ready to go.

Easily organize leads from your website, landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone systems, and more. Automatically message leads via voicemail, phone call, text, e-mail, Facebook messenger, and more. Collect payments, schedule appointments, track and measure analytics, view sales opportunities, your sales pipeline, and the conversion rates for different channels. Bottom line: our innovative, all-in-one platform gives you the tools to turn more leads into sales! View a full list of our features HERE.

If you are looking for API support information you can find our API documentation HERE.

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