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Increase Your Leads Today! The Best CRM & Marketing Automation Software!

Manage Every Piece Of Your Business From One Screen
The Best CRM & Marketing Automation Software

A Complete CRM Solution! Manage, Capture, and Close Leads, Reach & Retain Customers, Enhance Your 5-Star Reviews, Live Chat, Schedule Appointments, Track Sales & ROI, & More! All From One Platform!

Workflows & Pipelines

Create workflows to move your leads through the system just like HubSpot! With our built-in Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of where the leads are and what stage they are in the workflow.

Marketing Automation

Create automated emails, SMS, voicemail drops, bridged calls, and more within your campaigns. Let LeadFlow do the nurturing and follow-ups for you! You just need to close the lead!

A Full CRM

LeadFlow works as a full CRM. With multiple ways to communicate, both automatic and manually, and email builders to create stunning emails, you can do everything you want all within the system.

Payments & Invoices

Include stripe packages on your funnel pages to easily sell your services (one-time or subscription-based) or create invoices right in the conversations to send directly to your customers.

Funnel & Form Builder

LeadFlow includes an easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder. Easily create your own landing pages and funnels to drive leads to submit a form or book an appointment.

Booking Calendar

LeadFlow has its own calendar application so you can capture the appointment all in one straightforward flow. It also can sync one or two ways to your google calendar to keep track of and not book appointments when you have other engagements.

Custom Integrations

Easily integrates with Google, Facebook, GMB, Stripe, QuickBooks, and Clio. This allows for calendar syncing, review responses, invoices and payments, and more all within the platform!

Auto-Text Back

Auto-Text Back all and any missed calls.


Create a thriving community for your agency or for your clients by using our Membership Platform. Build Full Courses with unlimited video hosting and unlimited users.

Review System

By simply checking in a client with their name and email/phone number you can send a review request linking to your GMB or Facebook. You are able to stay updated on the status of the request and respond right back to the review all within LeadFlow!

Custom Chat

LeadFlow has a customizable chat widget you can utilize on your website and respond to chats all within the conversations section of the dashboard.


Connecting your Google My Business allows for call tracking and messaging all within LeadFlow! Respond to GMB messages in the conversations section and set up workflows to auto-respond to missed calls from GMB.


The conversations section of LeadFlow holds all the messaging and responses happening. Converse with clients and leads via email, SMS, FB messenger, phone call, GMB, and respond to reviews. Increase all the ways for your leads to get in contact with you!

Voicemail Drop

Send voicemail messages directly to your prospects.

HIPAA Compliant

If you’re in the medical/dental industries, we can ensure that your website and any forms and information given by patients are HIPAA compliant through LeadFlow.

Zoom Integration

Connect Zoom meetings to LeadFlow workflows, contact info, and more.

A Complete CRM & Automation Solution

Manage, Capture, and Close Leads, Reach & Retain Customers, Enhance Your 5-Star Reviews, Live Chat, Schedule Appointments, Track Sales & ROI, & More! All From One Platform!

We’re constantly adding and upgrading all of our customized features to fit the needs of all businesses and industries. To be kept in the loop on features added please join our private Facebook group or sign up for our email updates.

The Best CRM and Marketing Automation Software LeadFLow

Total Cost Of All Platforms Below: AT LEAST $1,200 PER MONTH!
LeadFlow INCLUDES all of the functionality of the softwares for just a fraction of the price!

LeadFlow Pricing Chart, LeadFlow CRM, Customer and Lead Management By Shoreline Media

Above Plan Includes All System Features, Support, Setup, Funnels & More!
Standard Self Service Packages Are Also Available At Lower Pricing.

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